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SBAP’s resources and cash availabilities in 2021 remained stable, with the projected difference between the account balances at the end of 2020 and 2021, BRL 62,806.13 and 62,476.84, respectively, negative by only 0.52% (BRL 329.29).

The management of these resources and the outstanding stability were marked by two main points. First, through the use of fixed-income investments, which allowed for the generation of financial results that represented 5% of the projected entries for the end of the year (R$ 1,344.23).

The second point was the increase in expenses with legal, accounting and notary services, resulting from the efforts to move the headquarters to Brasília and to update the Bylaws. With these activities already completed, for the next fiscal year, these expenses should be substantially reduced.

Annual Report 2018-2020