Promoting the production of relevant knowledge in Public Administration in Brazil


Institutional Representation

SBAP is an important instance of mediation, coordination and representation of its members before associations (ANPAD, PROFIAP, RGS, ANEPCP, FENECAP), government regulatory bodies (MEC, CAPES, CNPq) and other partners.
In 2015, SBAP promoted the inclusion of the term “Public Administration” in the name of area 27/CAPES. The change was made official on December 15, 2015, through CAPES Ordinance No. 234, which changed the name of the area to “Public and Business Administration, Accounting and Tourism”.
Annually, SBAP is invited to nominate representatives of the Graduate Programs in Public Administration for the APCN and QUALIS evaluation processes. These nominations are key to the representations of master’s and doctoral courses in the field of PA.