Behavioral Profile and Aspects Influencing Resistance to Financial Inclusion and Savings for Low-Income Population


  • Ettore de Carvalho Oriol
  • Erika Lisboa
  • Lauro Emilio Gonzalez Farias


Using the 3M behavioral theory developed by Mowen (2000), we try to answer the question, "what is the influence of behavioral profile on the various elements that improve financial citizenship?" The method used was the CFA, and the SEM-CB applied to the data of a survey developed during the research of the PLAN CDE in 2017. The results indicate that all the constructs of financial inclusion studies were influenced by the behavioral profile in low-income population. The contribution was to demonstrate that behavioral characteristics, skills, influence financial inclusion, helping in to build inclusion policies for these citizens.






GT 17 - Práticas e estratégias de gestão ambiental, social e de governança no âm